Bruxism Mouth Guards

bruxism mouth guards

One of the many side effects of bruxism is the damage that it can do to your teeth. The constant clenching and grinding of your teeth can result in fractured, chipped or even loosened teeth. It can also result in the severe wearing down of the surfaces your teeth, resulting in teeth with worn or flattened ridges, which can make … Read More

Bruxism Symptoms and Treatments

bruxism symptoms and treatments

Bruxism is a condition that occurs when you unconsciously gnash, clench or grind your teeth. It affects both adults and children and can occur while you are awake or when you are asleep. While some cases of bruxism are mild, there are many cases in which the bruxism frequently occurs and with such severity that it can result in a … Read More

Renew Your Smile: Smile Makeover Before and After

smile makeover before after

Sometimes we flash our smile automatically, as a response to something funny or a person greeting us, but have you ever wondered why a smile is so important to your health? A smile, for instance, can lower your stress levels thanks to a boost in dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. Smiling at another person has an equally positive effect on that … Read More

Which Teeth Whitening Method Is Right For You?

teeth whitening method

Teeth stains, although bothersome in appearance, are common and are frequently caused by food and drinks. Wine, coffee, soda, and red pasta sauce are just a few of the culprits that can leave your pearly whites not-so-white. Fortunately, whitening products and treatments are readily available, meaning that your smile can be brighter and whiter in no time. So…which teeth whitening … Read More

Should You Get a Sinus Lift and Implant at the Same Time?

Sinus Lift and Implant at the Same Time

Are you considering a sinus lift and an implant at the same time? Here’s what you need to know. Basics of an implant When a tooth is injured or decayed, there are a few options for treatment. For small cavities, a filling can rectify the problem. Sometimes a crown is all that is needed to treat a tooth. In some … Read More

How Long Does Crown Lengthening Take?

dental crown lengthening

Modern dentistry has evolved wonderfully, and dentists and periodontists can successfully treat a wide variety of dental conditions. If your dentist recommends a crown lengthening, you may have several questions about the procedure, particularly how long the process might take. What is crown lengthening? To understand how long the entire crown lengthening process can be, it’s best first to understand … Read More

How Flavored Water Can Ruin Your Teeth

flavored water ruin teeth

As more and more people seek to avoid carbonated sodas and their empty calories, the popularity of flavored water has skyrocketed. One of the most popular brands, available at most supermarkets, has seen its share prices soar over the last few years due to an incremental explosion in sales. Flavored water boasts zero calories, great taste, and in many cases, … Read More

Why You May Need a Tooth Extraction

need tooth extraction

Your dentist has many options for treating teeth, including bonding, fillings, and sealants. But sometimes, tooth extraction is a necessary procedure. If your dentist has recommended tooth extraction, it helps to understand the reasons why. Here are some of the common reasons why you may need a tooth extraction. You’re Getting Braces or Other Orthodontics When you get braces, your … Read More

All About Toothpaste: The Differences and Benefits

tubes of toothpaste

Proper brushing is a key pillar of dental health, but if a trip down the toothpaste aisle seems daunting, then it’s time to explore the various types of toothpaste on the market. Learning about the differences and benefits of each type of toothpaste can help you select a toothpaste with confidence. Anti-plaque If you’ve ever accidentally skipped a day of … Read More

6 Best Foods for Healthy Teeth and Gums

foods healthy teeth and gums

You probably already know that eating too many sweets can damage your teeth, but did you also know some foods can improve your dental health? Adequate nutrition is crucial in disease prevention. Antioxidants and other nutrients found in whole foods can also strengthen your immunity and body’s ability to fight off bacteria and inflammation. Some foods even offer unique benefits … Read More