Teeth Whitening

Dental whitening treatments make teeth brighter and whiter, which can give you a more attractive and youthful appearance. Teeth whitening removes stains brushing can’t touch and enhances a smile that’s lost its shine. Unlike store bought options that can be messy and ineffective, dental whitening treatments fit your specific needs and teeth ensuring the best results. There are two main options for dental whitening treatments and they’re in-office (including Zoom whitening) and take home tray whitening.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

If you’re someone who wants fast results, in-office Zoom Whitening is the best option. The treatment takes about an hour in the dental office and involves application of a protective gel to your gums to protect soft tissue and minimize sensitivity. Following that step, a dental professional applies a light-activated gel and then uses a specially designed laser or light to enhance the agent’s whitening action. The last step is taking impressions of your teeth for the creation of custom trays for at home treatments. We also give you instructions and tips for keeping your newly whitened smile bright and healthy ensuring the results last for years.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

For a more affordable option, we also offer take home tray whitening that works to whiten your teeth gradually. This option is better than store bought treatments because we take an imprint of your teeth to create clear trays customized to fit your mouth. We show you how to apply the bleaching material and give you additional instructions about wearing the trays 30-60 minutes at least once a day. By the end of the treatment period, you have a dazzling, whiter smile. This at home option is a great standalone treatment or addition to an in-office treatment.