Diagnosis and Treatment of Dry Mouth

Submarine Stranded on Dry Land

The human mouth is designed to be a moist environment that helps in the breakdown of food, enables comfortable swallowing and rinses away bacteria and food particles. However, when you suffer from dry mouth, your mouth isn’t the moist environment it should be and this can lead to dental and overall health issues. Along with making your mouth and throat … Read More

Taking Oversized Bites of Food is Bad for Oral Health

taking oversized bites of food and oral health

Sometimes bigger isn’t always better, as is the case with oversized subs and burgers found in restaurants today. While it can be tempting for some to try to open their mouths wide enough to get the entire height of the burger in their mouth, opening the mouth too wide can damage oral health. Next time you’re faced with a sub, … Read More

Be Wise About Wisdom Teeth Extraction

wisdom teeth extraction

Wisdom teeth usually appear between the ages of 14-25, which is sometimes considered the age of wisdom. However, wisdom teeth don’t truly bring wisdom on their own and can, in fact, cause some unpleasant dental issues. Although not everyone develops wisdom teeth, also called third molars, reports state that around 90% of patients have at least one wisdom tooth that’s … Read More

Dairy-free and oral health

dairy free and oral health

There are many reasons including health issues and allergies that people choose to remove or reduce dairy in their diet. Although milk and dairy-based foods are not necessarily required for overall and oral health, it is some people’s main source of calcium and other essential nutrients so cutting them out requires finding those elements in other foods. When cutting back … Read More