Do I Have a Dental Emergency?

what is a dental emergency

Not every dental mishap you experience will require that you see your dentist right away. Sometimes you can sustain minor injuries that can resolve themselves. However, certain dental situations will require medical attention immediately. A dental emergency is any trauma that occurs to your mouth that results in significant damage to your gums or teeth. Seeing a dentist as soon … Read More

The Many Benefits of Lumineers

woman getting lumineers

If you are looking for effective ways to improve the appearance of your smile, there are many dental devices your dentist may recommend for your particular situation. One of these may be Lumineers. Lumineers are an improved version of veneers that present a wide range of benefits for individuals who want a better-looking smile. Non-Invasive When having your Lumineers positioned, … Read More

The Top 5 Benefits of a Smile Makeover

young woman with smile makeover

You might associate a trip to the dentist with necessary treatments only, but there are plenty of elective procedures that can have a significant impact on your life. A smile makeover is a comprehensive package of all sorts of treatments, ranging from simple whitening to complete replacements of missing teeth with dental implants, designed to give you exactly a smile … Read More

4 Reasons You Do Not Need a Root Canal

root canal therapy steps

Researchers from the University of London revealed that nearly 4 billion people suffer from toothache-inducing dental conditions. It’s no surprise then that dentists perform almost 15 million root canals each year. When suffering from tooth decay, pain, and infections, a root canal may seem like the only solution; however, a root canal is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution. Consult with … Read More