A Tooth Extraction Overview

“You need a tooth extraction,” aren’t words that a dental patient wants to hear. Neither are these words that your dentist will utter lightly. The first priority of any dentist is to keep as many of their patients’ natural teeth as possible. This is because these natural teeth are the best option when it comes smiling, chewing and biting. They … Read More

The Various Benefits of a Sinus Lift

The benefits of a sinus lift procedure

Sinus lift surgery – also known as sinus augmentation – is a procedure that increases the amount of bone in the patient’s upper jaw. The extra bone is usually placed between the molars and premolars, to each side of your nose. The procedure is called a ‘sinus lift’ because the sinus membrane needs to be lifted to make room for … Read More

If You Lose A Tooth Be Sure Not to Panic!

Man missing his tooth needing porcelain fixed bridge

If you lose a tooth, it can be easy to start panicking. You begin to worry about what people will think of your appearance. After all, it’s so important to have a good set of teeth to keep your smile looking great. Still, you shouldn’t worry too much. Losing a tooth is more common than you think. It can occur … Read More

Benefits of Tooth Replacement at Time of Extraction

Dental Implants Tooth Extraction

Today, many adults requiring tooth replacement opt for dental implants because of their numerous benefits and high success rate. When tooth extraction becomes necessary, replacing the tooth or teeth removed immediately is becoming increasingly common as it helps prevent possible problems caused by having an empty space between existing teeth and has a positive impact on what happens in the … Read More

Consequences of Tooth Loss

dental hygiene

Losing permanent, adult teeth isn’t a normal part of aging, despite what many older adults may believe. The leading cause of adult tooth loss is gum disease, which is easy to prevent by practicing good oral hygiene on a daily basis and scheduling regular dental visits. When a tooth is lost, even if it’s in a part of the mouth … Read More