Healing After Dental Implants

dental implants baltimore

Implant dentistry is an ideal option for tooth replacement as it restores functionality while preventing jawbone loss. Meeting with a prosthodontic dentist is the best way to learn about tooth replacement options that involve dental implants and it’s important to understand what’s involved with the recovery period following dental implant surgery. Dental implants explained Dental implants are artificial (usually titanium) … Read More

Bisphosphonates and Dental Care

Bisphosphonates and dental care

Bone density and strength declines as people age, and this is one of the reasons why some adults suffer from severe osteoporosis that makes them permanently hunched over when they walk or stand. The desire to avoid osteoporosis and other bone-related health issues have compelled many American adults to start taking medications that prevent, minimize or counteract further bone loss, … Read More

Love Laughing Again with Cosmetic Dentistry

love laughing with cosmetic dentistry

People who are confident in their smiles tend to smile, talk and laugh more because they’re not embarrassed by their teeth or worried that onlookers will see something wrong with their teeth. Unfortunately, for people who have oral health issues such as stains, decay, metal fillings, loose dentures and even missing teeth, the willingness to smile and laugh can be … Read More

Preventing and Treating Tooth Erosion

preventing tooth erosion

Tooth erosion ranks among the top most common dental problems across all age groups, and while it’s possible to repair teeth damaged by erosion, the best course is to prevent tooth erosion in the first place. There are various treatments for teeth that have suffered erosion, and it’s possible to restore a smile to its natural beauty and health, but … Read More

When is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

root canal therapy

Teeth consist of multiple layers of tissue that are all substantially softer than the top surface of the enamel. Within the center of the tooth where the root lies is the dental pulp, and this consists of blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. As one of the main sources of tissue formation within the tooth and responsible for keeping it … Read More