It Might be Time for a Smile Makeover if…

Woman who doesn't like her smile and wants a smile makeover

When someone isn’t completely happy with their smile, they may delay pursuing cosmetic dentistry to improve it, thinking it isn’t important. However, when someone is unhappy with their smile, they may hesitate to share it, and their self-confidence can suffer. A healthy, attractive smile has many positive effects. For someone trying to decide on cosmetic dentistry, there are several signs … Read More

Gum Overgrowth Causes and Treatments

Gum Overgrowth

If gums start growing over teeth, it’s normal for a person to feel concerned and/or worried. The overgrowth of gums, or gingival hyperplasia, may be a side effect of other health conditions. Gums growing too much may not seem like an immediate issue, but it can dangerous to teeth and eventually become uncomfortable and unattractive. Understanding the causes of gum … Read More