Allergies And Your Oral Health

After what seems like never ending rain, everyone is eager for the spring. People can’t wait to go hiking, plant gardens and enjoy their backyards again. But there’s a side effect to spring, and it’s seasonal allergies. During spring, with all its pollen, ragweed, flowers, and other plants, seasonal allergies can be just as ubiquitous as farmer’s markets, and then … Read More

Why You (and Your Kids) Should Cut Back on Soda

soda is bad for your oral health

Soda. Sure, it tastes great. But the truth is that it’s one of the worst decisions you can make regarding your oral health. And unfortunately, the popularity of soda all across the United States is steadily increasing! In fact, it’s estimated that more than half of school-aged children drink at least one soda per day. At least one in five … Read More

5 Reasons to Visit the Dentist Twice Per Year

Dental visits twice a year

Would you rather go to the doctor or the dentist? Most people would say the doctor, and there are a few simple reasons for this. First, the doctor often results in a less intrusive examination. Unless of course, you are heading to the doctor due to a particular problem. Secondly, you’re probably not going to get a lecture from the … Read More

3 Reasons You Should Love Going To The Dentist

Top reasons why you should love going to your dentist

Most people will react in a similar way when they have a dental appointment coming up. They groan when they see the letter telling them to book a checkup. For a lot of people, sitting in the dentist’s chair is the last thing they want to do. Today, we’re here to tell you that going to the dentist isn’t all … Read More

Effects of Gum Disease Extend Beyond the Mouth


A person’s gums are one of the most under-appreciated and overworked parts of their body and essential for maintaining great teeth, oral health, and overall health. Gums hold teeth in place firmly, protect them and nourish the entire mouth. Healthy gums equal a healthy body, which is why it’s alarming that as of 2012 a CDC report revealed that some … Read More

The Biggest Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry Answered

cosmetic dentist baltimore

If you’re thinking about getting cosmetic dentistry, you might have a few questions. Specifically, how long does it take, what type of changes can be made and how much am I going to have to pay. Well, look no further because we’ve got all the answers. There are plenty of reasons why you might be considering getting cosmetic dental work … Read More

Diagnosis and Treatment of Dry Mouth

Submarine Stranded on Dry Land

The human mouth is designed to be a moist environment that helps in the breakdown of food, enables comfortable swallowing and rinses away bacteria and food particles. However, when you suffer from dry mouth, your mouth isn’t the moist environment it should be and this can lead to dental and overall health issues. Along with making your mouth and throat … Read More

Taking Oversized Bites of Food is Bad for Oral Health

taking oversized bites of food and oral health

Sometimes bigger isn’t always better, as is the case with oversized subs and burgers found in restaurants today. While it can be tempting for some to try to open their mouths wide enough to get the entire height of the burger in their mouth, opening the mouth too wide can damage oral health. Next time you’re faced with a sub, … Read More

Dairy-free and oral health

dairy free and oral health

There are many reasons including health issues and allergies that people choose to remove or reduce dairy in their diet. Although milk and dairy-based foods are not necessarily required for overall and oral health, it is some people’s main source of calcium and other essential nutrients so cutting them out requires finding those elements in other foods. When cutting back … Read More

Bisphosphonates and Dental Care

Bisphosphonates and dental care

Bone density and strength declines as people age, and this is one of the reasons why some adults suffer from severe osteoporosis that makes them permanently hunched over when they walk or stand. The desire to avoid osteoporosis and other bone-related health issues have compelled many American adults to start taking medications that prevent, minimize or counteract further bone loss, … Read More