How Excellent Oral Hygiene can Help your Overall Health in the Future

oral hygiene and overall health

The recommendations of the American Dental Association help children and adults maintain a proper oral hygiene routine. Following the guidelines of the American Dental Associations results in a reduction in cavities, reduced plaque, and improved oral hygiene. Also, studies are revealing that excellent oral care not only plays a role in the health in our teeth and gums but that … Read More

How Smiling Can Benefit Your Health


Everyone has days when it’s difficult to smile, but the truth is that smiling has numerous health benefits and can even improve your mood. Someone too embarrassed about their smile due to missing teeth, misaligned teeth, stains, gaps, or other dental issues, also misses out on the benefits of smiling. Smiling more often can help everyone, even the people who … Read More

Restoring Oral Health After an Eating Disorder

Restoring teeth after eating disorder

Eating disorders are serious illnesses where people become fixated on how much food and drink they consume. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are two of the most common eating disorders and both deprive a person’s body of proteins, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients essential for good health. As eating disorders progress, the body’s lack of nutrients and vitamins can lead … Read More

Healthy Body, Healthy Mouth

mouth body connection

While you know that practicing good oral hygiene protects and improves your smile, did you also know that it also helps keep your whole body healthy? Not only do brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits reduce your risk of cavities, bad breath, periodontal disease and other oral issues, it also improves your health. By paying attention to the health of … Read More