Everything You Need to Know About Peri-implantitis


Three million people have dental implants in the US alone. While in most cases, dental implants are fitted and cause no problems for patients, there can sometimes be issues. One of the more severe problems that can affect people with dental implants is a condition called Peri-implantitis. Thankfully, it’s exceedingly rare, but if you do get it, it can be … Read More

Bone Grafting: What We Do and What’s to Come

bone grafting

Of all the different kinds of dental procedures, bone grafting is one that’s come into the spotlight over the past few years, especially in regards to the dental industry. Bone grafts have proven to be an effective treatment for restoring bones after tooth loss, gum disease or trauma. Studies have shown that in the first three years after tooth extraction … Read More

TMJ and Hearing Problems: What You Need to Know

TMJ disorder and tinnitus hearing problems

TMJ, or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, is a common condition with a variety of possible causes. Among the various causes of this condition are trauma or the misalignment of teeth. Additionally, it is a condition which can lead to further, more serious problems, such as Tinnitus. Fortunately, there are some solutions. Let’s take a look at TMJ in more detail. It … Read More

The GBP Lab: Advanced Dental Technology

GBP lab

There is a whole host of reasons you might find yourself visiting the dentist. From your regular check-up to something a little more permanent, there is no end to the list of procedures which you might need. Of course, at GBP, we pride ourselves on being able to offer whatever the patient might need when they need it. Part of … Read More

Crown Lengthening: The Benefits

crown lengthening benefits

Of the many different kinds of dental procedure, crown lengthening is one which offers the patient many diverse benefits. However, what is crown lengthening exactly? Simply put, crown lengthening is the process by which a dental surgeon can adjust the bone and gum level. Moreover, they can expose more of the crown than usual. You might get this procedure done … Read More