Why You May Need a Tooth Extraction

need tooth extraction

Your dentist has many options for treating teeth, including bonding, fillings, and sealants. But sometimes, tooth extraction is a necessary procedure. If your dentist has recommended tooth extraction, it helps to understand the reasons why. Here are some of the common reasons why you may need a tooth extraction. You’re Getting Braces or Other Orthodontics When you get braces, your … Read More

Prosthodontists: Giving You Back Your Smile

Prosthodontists cosmetic dentistry teeth replacement

The American Dental Association recognizes nine different specialists in dentistry. One of them is prosthodontics, which is the restoration and replacement of teeth. Anyone who has damaged or lost any of their teeth might consider seeing a prosthodontist. Your prosthodontist can change the appearance of your teeth and give you more confidence. Having damaged or missing teeth can be a … Read More

Benefits of Tooth Replacement at Time of Extraction

Dental Implants Tooth Extraction

Today, many adults requiring tooth replacement opt for dental implants because of their numerous benefits and high success rate. When tooth extraction becomes necessary, replacing the tooth or teeth removed immediately is becoming increasingly common as it helps prevent possible problems caused by having an empty space between existing teeth and has a positive impact on what happens in the … Read More