Should You Get a Sinus Lift and Implant at the Same Time?

Sinus Lift and Implant at the Same Time

Are you considering a sinus lift and an implant at the same time? Here’s what you need to know. Basics of an implant When a tooth is injured or decayed, there are a few options for treatment. For small cavities, a filling can rectify the problem. Sometimes a crown is all that is needed to treat a tooth. In some … Read More

How Long Does Crown Lengthening Take?

dental crown lengthening

Modern dentistry has evolved wonderfully, and dentists and periodontists can successfully treat a wide variety of dental conditions. If your dentist recommends a crown lengthening, you may have several questions about the procedure, particularly how long the process might take. What is crown lengthening? To understand how long the entire crown lengthening process can be, it’s best first to understand … Read More