Innovations in Bone Graft Materials


Bone loss due to gum disease or another dental issue prevents many patients from the immediate placement of dental implants for tooth replacement. Before the dentist can place their implants, these patients often require bone grafts to help rebuild the bone at the implant site. Although the best source for bone grafts can be the patient’s own bone, this presents … Read More

Enjoy Seasonal Foods for a Healthy Mouth


Spring is a time when everything starts fresh again, and it’s the perfect season to take charge of your dental health by incorporating fresh spring produce. Your diet is a critical element in dental health and eating foods in season, instead of pre-packaged, processed items goes a long way toward healthy teeth, gums, and body. Even if you practice excellent … Read More

Effects of Gum Disease Extend Beyond the Mouth


A person’s gums are one of the most under-appreciated and overworked parts of their body and essential for maintaining great teeth, oral health, and overall health. Gums hold teeth in place firmly, protect them and nourish the entire mouth. Healthy gums equal a healthy body, which is why it’s alarming that as of 2012 a CDC report revealed that some … Read More

The Biggest Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry Answered

cosmetic dentist baltimore

If you’re thinking about getting cosmetic dentistry, you might have a few questions. Specifically, how long does it take, what type of changes can be made and how much am I going to have to pay. Well, look no further because we’ve got all the answers. There are plenty of reasons why you might be considering getting cosmetic dental work … Read More

How Smiling Can Benefit Your Health


Everyone has days when it’s difficult to smile, but the truth is that smiling has numerous health benefits and can even improve your mood. Someone too embarrassed about their smile due to missing teeth, misaligned teeth, stains, gaps, or other dental issues, also misses out on the benefits of smiling. Smiling more often can help everyone, even the people who … Read More

A Perfect Smile is Possible with Porcelain Veneers

perfect smile porcelain veneers

For someone living with minor chips, gaps, stains or discoloration on their teeth, porcelain veneers can help them achieve a perfect, Hollywood-worthy smile. Dental veneers can give a person a total smile makeover without the time and complications of more involved treatments, but they’re not for everyone. Anyone considering veneers can greatly benefit by doing research and discussing the procedure … Read More

Men Are More Reactive Than Proactive Regarding Oral Health

man brushing teeth

It may be difficult to believe, but studies show that men tend to neglect their oral health more than women do. Men are more reactive than proactive when it comes to taking care of their teeth and gums, and this can lead to easily-preventable dental issues. Compared to women, men floss less, don’t brush as regularly and visit the dentist … Read More

Implants are Changing the Dental Landscape

Over the last four decades, the dental landscape—specifically tooth replacement—has evolved thanks to the introduction of modern dental implants. Although humans have attempted for thousands of years to use similarly shaped materials to replace missing teeth, successful, effective and permanent tooth replacement with today’s dental implants is relatively “new.” The last decade has given the world of dentistry even more … Read More