Should You Get a Sinus Lift and Implant at the Same Time?

Sinus Lift and Implant at the Same Time

Are you considering a sinus lift and an implant at the same time? Here’s what you need to know. Basics of an implant When a tooth is injured or decayed, there are a few options for treatment. For small cavities, a filling can rectify the problem. Sometimes a crown is all that is needed to treat a tooth. In some … Read More

The Various Benefits of a Sinus Lift

The benefits of a sinus lift procedure

Sinus lift surgery – also known as sinus augmentation – is a procedure that increases the amount of bone in the patient’s upper jaw. The extra bone is usually placed between the molars and premolars, to each side of your nose. The procedure is called a ‘sinus lift’ because the sinus membrane needs to be lifted to make room for … Read More

What are Sinus Lifts?

Sinus Augmentation

When the sinuses are too close to the jaw, or there’s insufficient height in the upper jaw for dental implant placement, dental specialists sometimes perform a sinus lift. Sinus lift surgery, at times called sinus augmentation, adds bone to a patient’s upper arch (Maxilla) in the premolar and molar areas between the maxillary sinuses located on either side of the … Read More