All You Need to Know about Loose Baby Teeth

loose baby teeth

Parents often look forward to their children’s milestones with excitement, but there is one milestone that is more bittersweet than others. Losing baby teeth can be exciting (yay tooth fairy!), but it can also be confusing for the parents and scary for anxious children. Learning about the process of losing baby teeth can help you ease your child into this … Read More

What To Do About Your Loose Tooth

what to do about tooth loss

When you’re a child, having loose teeth is not a big deal. In fact, it might even mean that you’re going to come into money soon. So long as you put that tooth someplace where the Tooth Fairy can find it, you’re guaranteed to be richer in the morning. Not bad! However, having a loose tooth as an adult is … Read More

You Have a Loose Tooth. What Should You Do?

Dental Tools that are used to examine a loose tooth

If you discover a loose adult tooth, you can suddenly feel worried, panicked and anxious that it’s going to fall out. Adult teeth don’t grow back, and you want to do whatever you can to keep from losing a tooth. There are ways to treat a loose adult tooth and hopefully save it from falling out or requiring extraction. Causes … Read More