Gingivitis: The Leading Cause Of Bleeding Gums That You Can Fix

Gingivitis and how it affects your bleeding gums

Gingivitis is the medical term given that describes an inflammation of the gums. A bacterial infection often causes it. As you may already know, gingivitis is the leading cause of bleeding gums. The sad truth is that many people suffering from gingivitis do nothing about it. As you can imagine, that’s the last thing anyone should do. Especially since gingivitis … Read More

Effects of Gum Disease Extend Beyond the Mouth


A person’s gums are one of the most under-appreciated and overworked parts of their body and essential for maintaining great teeth, oral health, and overall health. Gums hold teeth in place firmly, protect them and nourish the entire mouth. Healthy gums equal a healthy body, which is why it’s alarming that as of 2012 a CDC report revealed that some … Read More

Increased Risk of Gum Disease After Menopause

Postmenopausal women at higher risk for gum disease

The symptoms of menopause can be difficult enough for women to deal with, but along with the night sweats, hot flashes, moodiness, and fatigue, they also need to contend with issues that arise postmenopause. Studies show that there’s a higher risk of tooth loss in postmenopausal women because the decline in estrogen can lead to bone loss that also affects … Read More

Preventing and Treating Gum Disease

Preventing Gum Disease

When people consider the pleasing, cosmetic appearance of their smile, the first thing they usually think about is their teeth. While good tooth structure is essential for a healthy smile, the gums are just as vital. Having healthy gums helps protect and support your teeth, but if gum disease strikes, it can jeopardize the health of your entire mouth. Understanding … Read More

Deep Cleaning to Treat Gum Disease

Treat gum disease with deep cleaning

Sometimes referred to as deep cleaning, root planing and scaling is an effective treatment for gum disease before it advances into more severe stages. Root planing and scaling is a procedure dentists perform on patients whose gums have started pulling away from the teeth or when the roots of the teeth have tartar deposits on them. A routine cleaning and … Read More