Love Laughing Again with Cosmetic Dentistry

love laughing with cosmetic dentistry

People who are confident in their smiles tend to smile, talk and laugh more because they’re not embarrassed by their teeth or worried that onlookers will see something wrong with their teeth. Unfortunately, for people who have oral health issues such as stains, decay, metal fillings, loose dentures and even missing teeth, the willingness to smile and laugh can be diminished as they hide their smiles. With all the health benefits possible from smiling and laughing, everyone should feel free and confident in doing so, and cosmetic and restorative dentistry can help.

Treatments for discolored teeth

One of the most common reasons that people are too shy to smile or laugh is because they have discolored teeth. Grey teeth, yellow teeth and other types of stained or discolored teeth can make people self-conscious. Fortunately, sometimes a simple in-office teeth whitening is all that’s required to brighten a smile. For more involved stains or dental issues that lead to discoloration, the dentist can utilize treatments such as porcelain veneers, tooth colored fillings, and inlays or onlays.

Treatments for crooked teeth

A dentist can fix crooked teeth with a variety of treatments depending on the cause. For teeth that have a superficial misalignment, porcelain veneers can provide patients with the bright, perfect, straight smile they’ve always wanted. For teeth that have more challenging alignment issues, the dentist may recommend orthodontia.

Treatments for misshapen teeth

Sometimes teeth can be too small or too large for a person’s smile, and this can make them feel too embarrassed to smile and laugh freely. Other issues such as chipped or broken teeth can also cause them concern and a good solution for these cosmetic problems are veneers, crowns or other treatments designed to restore the beauty and health of their smile.

Treatments for missing teeth

With all of the current innovative tooth replacement options, there’s no reason for anyone to live with missing teeth. Along with dental implants, dentists offer crowns, bridges, partial and full dentures and implant-supported dentures. Replacing missing teeth is more than a cosmetic issue as the gaps left can cause surrounding teeth to shift and lead to bone loss.

Laughing and smiling have numerous benefits for people including boosting their mood, helping to relieve stress and improving their overall health and dental professionals want to make sure that all of their patients are happy with their smiles. Contact Greater Baltimore Prosthodontics today to discover the cosmetic and restorative dentistry options we have available to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

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