It Might be Time for a Smile Makeover if…

Woman who doesn't like her smile and wants a smile makeover

When someone isn’t completely happy with their smile, they may delay pursuing cosmetic dentistry to improve it, thinking it isn’t important. However, when someone is unhappy with their smile, they may hesitate to share it, and their self-confidence can suffer. A healthy, attractive smile has many positive effects. For someone trying to decide on cosmetic dentistry, there are several signs that show it’s time to consider a smile makeover.

You’re Unhappy with How Your Teeth Look when You Smile

Smiling has numerous proven health benefits, but when a person smiles and doesn’t like how their teeth look it can make them unhappy and hesitant to smile. Their smile is the first thing a person sees in the morning and at night when they brush their teeth twice a day, so when seeing their teeth makes them sad, it can lead to daily depression.

You Have Social Anxiety Because of Your Smile

When someone is unhappy with how their teeth look, they may feel anxious in social situations. They may worry that if they smile or laugh people won’t like how their teeth look and judge them. Social situations are supposed to be fun and happy, and a great smile can help anyone feel comfortable among their friends and coworkers.

You are Afraid to Return Someone’s Smile with a Smile

It’s an unpleasant feeling when someone doesn’t return a smile. The natural human instinct is to smile back when smiled at and if this isn’t happening when someone smiles it can be because of how his or her teeth look. Rather than letting the problem escalate into a fear of smiling and seeking isolation, a person should investigate cosmetic dentistry and a smile makeover.

You Feel as Though it’s Affecting your Professional Life

An aesthetically appealing smile is an important professional aspect and can sometimes affect a person’s professional life. A great smile makes one appear more confident and competent and can help work prospects. Someone who is self-conscious about smiling may appear unapproachable to others, and this is not a good characteristic in work or social environments. When a person is confident in their smile, they can speak up in important situations and never miss beneficial work opportunities. A smile makeover can help them achieve their ideal smile, restore their self-esteem and renew their employer’s confidence in their abilities.

With the various options available in cosmetic dentistry today, including the multiple treatments of a smile makeover, there’s no reason to go another day without a healthy, beautiful smile you’re proud to show the world. Contact Greater Baltimore Prosthodontics to learn how cosmetic dentistry can improve your life.


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