Crown Lengthening: The Benefits

crown lengthening benefits

Of the many different kinds of dental procedure, crown lengthening is one which offers the patient many diverse benefits. However, what is crown lengthening exactly? Simply put, crown lengthening is the process by which a dental surgeon can adjust the bone and gum level. Moreover, they can expose more of the crown than usual. You might get this procedure done if you have decay below the gum line. Alternatively, crown lengthening could be recommended due to aesthetics concerns when your teeth appear too short. Whatever the reason, there are some significant benefits to crown lengthening. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Above all, having your crowns lengthened is likely to v. This might very well be the case if you are having the procedure done for cosmetic reasons. Of course, improved confidence is not the only benefit you can expect, but it is an important one which is not to be overlooked.

It Only Takes One Treatment

There are many dental procedures out there which require that you return to the practice time and again. This can be a financial strain for many people. Additionally, it can also be an inconvenience having to return numerous times for one reason. However, crown lengthening is not one of those procedures. In fact, it usually only takes one treatment. Once it’s done, you can rest assure you will not have to return for the same treatment again.

No Touch-Ups Are Required

Often, you might have a procedure done which requires you to go back to have them touched up. Sometimes you are even asked to do this yourself, at home. However, crown lengthening doesn’t require any touch-ups at all, ever. This is a welcome sigh of relief if you are used to having to perform some aftercare on your teeth.

A More Symmetrical Smile

We have mentioned already that one of the main reasons for having your crowns lengthened is for cosmetic reasons. Many people opt for crown lengthening voluntarily as an easy solution to their teeth appearing too short. If this is your reason for having your crowns lengthened, then you can rest assured that you will be happy with the results. Crown lengthening enables you to have a more symmetrical smile, which in itself leads to a healthier look. There is nothing better than feeling confident about your smile.

Improved Oral Health

Overall, crown lengthening is likely to improve your oral health no small amount. This will especially be the case if you are having the procedure done for health reasons. If your dentist has decided to carry out the procedure due to poor gums, then your oral health will greatly improve after crown lengthening.

Quick Procedure

Finally, crown lengthening is a quick procedure. It usually does not take any more than 45-60 minutes. If you are considering crown lengthening, get in touch today.

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