5 Ways Composite Filings can Fight Tooth Decay

Composite fillings benefits

Over the course of your lifetime, your teeth and gums will be exposed to an enormous amount of bacteria. The bacteria comes from food, dirty hands, kissing, and anything else you might put in your mouth. Subsequently, without proper brushing on a regular basis, it can lead to tooth decay. Plus, without dental intervention, this can lead to tooth decay, and eventually loss. One of the methods dentists use to save our teeth from tooth decay problems is by using composite fillings. In today’s guide, we’re going to explore five ways that these fillings can help you fight tooth decay.

They Stop Decay

Cavities appear when tooth decay starts eating away your teeth. You won’t notice this happening at first, although it may cause mild pain. Your dentist will drill out to the affected area and be able to remove the decay.

They Prevent Further Decay

The trouble with decay is that it spreads. First of all, your tooth is the focus of the decay, and it will happily eat its way into the softer tissue area on the inside. It can affect the roots, and then work its way into the gums, causing further issues. Without a filling, you can expect the decay to progress to quite extreme lengths, and nothing is going to stop it. Therefore, a good filling will not only halt the tooth decaying, but it will also prevent the decay from spreading any further. Your dentist will also ensure that all the access points for decay are covered.

They Fill your Cavity

Once the dentist has cleared the affected area of decay, they fill your cavity with the composite filling. A composite filling is a tooth colored filling. In a successful procedure, this brings your tooth back to full health, and will stop any pain or uncomfortable feelings you might have from a cavity.

They Repair Broken Teeth

Chipped or cracked teeth can occur at any time. One of the biggest issues is it creates an entry point for bacteria to work its way to the inside of the tooth. A composite filling can, therefore, repair this damage and ensure that you won’t suffer again at some point in the future.

They Improve Strength

When your tooth decays, it loses a lot of strength. Weak teeth can chip and crack a lot easier than healthy teeth, so even removing the decay isn’t going to help. A composite filling can get your teeth back to near original strength. This will ensure that going forward you will have a lot more protection from further damage and decay.

As you can see, composite fillings can protect your teeth from damage and decay in several different ways. If you need a cavity filled or suspect you might have tooth decay, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The faster you see a dentist, the quicker you can get your teeth back to full health.

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