The Biggest Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry Answered

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If you’re thinking about getting cosmetic dentistry, you might have a few questions. Specifically, how long does it take, what type of changes can be made and how much am I going to have to pay. Well, look no further because we’ve got all the answers. There are plenty of reasons why you might be considering getting cosmetic dental work done. It could be a problem with confidence in your smile. If you don’t think you have a winning smile, you’re probably not going to be that keen to show it off. Or, perhaps it’s an issue that’s developed at a later stage in life. You may not know that your teeth grow and change as you progress through the years. Your teeth might have been fine in your youth, but now you’re starting to notice some major problems. But before you commit to any cosmetic dentist Baltimore has, we’re going to answer all your questions.

What Can Be Achieved With the Most Trustworthy Cosmetic Dentist Baltimore can Offer?

By using a cosmetic dental service, virtually any issue or problem with your teeth can be fixed. Perhaps, you have noticed that your teeth are starting to fall back to the positions they used to be. You might have had braces when you were younger, but you stopped wearing your retainer. Your retainer prevents your teeth reverting their original position. Without it, you are going to see changes in later years. But a cosmetic dentist can help solve the issue and get the teeth back to where they were. You’ll also get a new retainer.

Or, you may be unhappy with the colour of your teeth. Looking at celebrity smiles will give you an unrealistic goal for how your teeth should look through natural means. If you want your teeth to be beautiful, you need a cosmetic whitening procedure. It’s the only way.

You might have even damaged your teeth over the years. Tooth decay can cause some of your teeth to fall out. At that point, you’ll need replacements. Porcelain fixed bridges can be placed where a natural tooth has fallen out and fill an unsightly gap.

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost will depend on what treatment you need. For instance, if you need your teeth straightened with braces it’s probably going to be a couple thousand. For more extensive work you could be looking at double that cost. But treatments are priced at a value that you can trust. Remember, you’re not just paying for the treatment itself. Your teeth will be checked by a professional, and once the treatment is completed, they are usually polished as well. All of this is included in the price. And at GBP, we can guarantee you will be receiving the most trustworthy cosmetic dentist Baltimore has!

How Long Does It Take?

Again, it depends on the treatment. Six-month smile treatments take, you guessed it, six months. But even then it depends on the severity of your problem. However, most issues can be resolved in a one or two-hour session. Not including the time it takes to discover what work needs completing.

Therefore, if you want a fast fix to your dental issues, cosmetic dentistry is the key. We hope these answers have made things clearer when making your decision.

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