Deep Cleaning to Treat Gum Disease

Treat gum disease with deep cleaning

Sometimes referred to as deep cleaning, root planing and scaling is an effective treatment for gum disease before it advances into more severe stages. Root planing and scaling is a procedure dentists perform on patients whose gums have started pulling away from the teeth or when the roots of the teeth have tartar deposits on them. A routine cleaning and tooth polishing isn’t enough when the gums and teeth are in this condition, which is why a deep cleaning is recommended.

Root planing and scaling procedure

During a deep cleaning, the areas between the teeth and gums down to the root receive a thorough cleaning that may require a local anesthetic to numb the areas undergoing treatment. Sometimes the dental professional or hygienist uses an ultrasonic tool for the treatment, which is more comfortable as the standard cleaning tool. Following the deep cleaning, the hygienist may put an antibiotic, known as Arrestin, in an infected pocket to help eliminate bacteria.

Special considerations

The deep cleaning can introduce bacteria into the bloodstream. Patients that require dental premedication due to an existing medical condition (Heart Murmur, Artificial Joints, Mitral Valve Prolapse) should take their dental premedication for this procedure.

Following treatment

Following a root planing and scaling, your lips and gums may be numb if the dentist used local anesthesia. Aside from potential and temporary numbness from anesthesia, deep cleaning causes very little or no discomfort in patients after this simple procedure. Maintaining good oral health care is essential after the procedure to ensure that the gum disease stops progressing. Patients need to stop using any kind of tobacco because it reduces the body’s ability to fight infection and compromises proper healing. With the correct care, the gums eventually heal, become firm again, and regain their healthy pink color.

If you’re suffering the early stages of gum disease, a deep cleaning may be able to restore the health of your teeth and gums. Contact Greater Baltimore Prosthodontics to schedule an exam and consultation to talk about the treatment options for your oral health concerns.

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