How Smiling Can Benefit Your Health


Everyone has days when it’s difficult to smile, but the truth is that smiling has numerous health benefits and can even improve your mood. Someone too embarrassed about their smile due to missing teeth, misaligned teeth, stains, gaps, or other dental issues, also misses out on the benefits of smiling. Smiling more often can help everyone, even the people who see the smile.  Therefore, it’s a good idea for a person to love his or her smile and share it whenever possible.

Increased Happiness

The body releases endorphins when a person smiles, and those feel-good hormones can boost happiness. Endorphins are the same thing the body releases during exercise that makes a workout feel energizing. Being able to create that same positive energy from smiling is far easier for some than getting to the gym. Even if a person isn’t feeling overly happy and smiles, it still creates endorphins, and that fake smile can transform into a real smile thanks to the natural high.

Stress Reduction

When a person feels stressed, their body releases the stress hormone called cortisol and this can have unhealthy consequences. Fortunately, the endorphins created from smiling lower cortisol levels and thereby reduce stress in a person. It can be difficult to think about smiling during stressful situations but it may be just the thing to help a person relax and regain their calm.

Improved, Youthful Appearance

Onlookers consider a person who smiles far more attractive than someone who looks miserable or overly serious. A smile brightens a person’s whole appearance and according to some studies, smiling can make them look at least 3 years younger than their actual age. When looking younger and more attractive only takes a smile, there’s no reason to keep frowning.

Longer Life

Research indicates that people who smile often can have a longer lifespan than those who don’t smile much. Healthy nutrition and exercise are essential for longevity and adding in the simple act of smiling can help promote a more positive future.

Improved Social and Professional Relationships

A smile makes someone appear more trustworthy, competent, generous and extroverted. Even a nervous, shy person who smiles in social situations can appear more approachable while benefiting from the boost of endorphins and their stress-reducing effects. A person’s smile can create a stronger desire for other people to form positive relationships with them.

Smiling can help you look good, appear younger, and live longer so if there’s something keeping you from sharing your smile contact Greater Baltimore Prosthodontics to find out how we can create the smile you’ve always wanted.


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