Get that Bright Smile You’ve Always Wanted with Teeth Whitening in Baltimore

teeth whitening in baltimore

Most people know that drinking dark sodas, red wine, tea, and coffee can cause teeth stains. However, not as many individuals are aware that even everyday foods like berries, red pasta sauce, balsamic vinegar, and spices such as curry can lead to teeth staining as well. Despite their troublesome appearance, stains are common and can be treated at home with over-the-counter products. Many drugstores and supermarkets sell whitening toothpaste, whitening mouthwash, and whitening strips, but the over-the-counter options don’t always deliver the most reliable or long-lasting results. If you are looking for teeth whitening in Baltimore and want longer lasting and more effective results, a consultation with the dental team at Greater Baltimore Prosthodontics might illuminate the many benefits of our whitening options.

Why use the whitening options offered by a dentist?

The team of dentists at Greater Baltimore Prosthodontics are professionals who perform teeth whitening treatments every day. Drawing on over thirty years of experience, our dentists have the experience and necessary skills to complete this minor cosmetic procedure. They use the most up-to-date technology to ensure the most professional results. Instead of fumbling with messy pastes, time-consuming strips that slide off your teeth, or ill-fitting at-home trays, see the professionals and get it done right.

What types of teeth whitening options are available through Greater Baltimore Prosthodontics?

We offer two types of teeth whitening options: in-office or take-home.

  • In-office: Our in-office option, Zoom Whitening, takes about two hours so this is ideal for someone who wants great results quickly. The dentist begins the treatment by applying protective gel and then a light-activated gel. A special laser then activates the whitening power of the gel, resulting in beautifully white and youthful-looking smile. Unlike the store-bought remedies, the Zoom Whitening results can last for years. We send you home with maintenance tips as well as custom trays for you to maintain that bright smile at home.
  • At-home: While at-home treatments are available for purchase over-the-counter, the at-home whitening plan offered by Greater Baltimore Prosthodontics is superior in both the quality of tray as well as the overall result. Unlike the one-size-fits-all tray that accompanies store-bought packages, our at-home treatment starts with a custom-fit tray. Not only are the custom-fit trays more comfortable, but they will be more effective as the whitening agent can more effectively cover the unique grooves and crevices in between your teeth. Don’t worry about misunderstanding the directions on store-bought products as we will teach you how to apply the whitening agent as well as how to insert the trays correctly.

How long does it take?

Using dentist-recommended treatments saves you time. On the other hand, purchasing a whitening toothpaste or strips can take weeks before you get any noticeable results. The biggest advantage to using Zoom Whitening is the time factor. Not only does the treatment last only two hours (approximately) but the results can last years with proper care and maintenance. Even our at-home trays save you time; store-bought trays require you to apply the strips twice per day. Invest in our at-home trays and you will wear the trays once per day.

If you live near Baltimore, visit Greater Baltimore Prosthodontics and experience firsthand the best place to get your teeth whitened. Let our experience and technique speak for itself as your smile is made bright and more youthful.

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