Getting the Vibrant Smile You Want with Zoom Teeth Whitening

zoom teeth whitening

One of the most important aspects of a beautiful smile is having white teeth. There are many teeth whitening systems from which to choose, but not all of them can produce the results that you want. However, Greater Baltimore Prosthodontics, P.A., offers the Phillips Zoom Teeth Whitening system, which has a reputation for safely providing great teeth whitening results.

About Zoom Teeth Whitening

When used properly, the powerful gel used by the whitening system can whiten your teeth by multiple shades without causing the excessive painful tooth sensitivity that is a common side effect with so many other teeth whiteners. Its bleaching process, which uses hydrogen peroxide, can lighten the discolorations of your enamel and dentin. This includes discolorations that are the result of age and from consuming drinks and foods that can stain your teeth.

You have two options to choose from if you would like to use Zoom Teeth Whitening. You can have the treatment professionally administered in your dentist’s office, or you can use the take-home treatment.

In-Office Zoom Whitening

The treatment that your dental health professional will administer in the office is the more powerful of the two options and may be appropriate if you are looking for fast results. The gel is activated by a special light that breaks down the hydrogen peroxide, allowing it to enter your enamel and dentin and bleach away the colored substances that have been yellowing your teeth. The procedure will take no more than one hour, and you will be able to leave the dentist office with teeth that are an average of eight shades whiter.

Zoom Whitening At Home

The take-home kit allows you to whiten your teeth from the comfort your own home safely. Depending on which one of the six concentrations you use, you can have a significantly whiter smile in one to two weeks. If you opt to use a treatment that requires mouth trays, you will receive a customized tray that made to accommodate your unique teeth and gums. Many users can see noticeable results in just three days.

Zoom Whitening Side Effects

You may experience a slight and temporary tooth sensitivity to cold while you are undergoing the treatment. However, the symptoms should dissipate within one-to-three days after you have completed your treatment.

Taking Care of Your Teeth Afterwards

If you take care of your teeth properly after your whitening treatment, your results can last for a long time. Be sure to brush properly and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Try to avoid food and drinks that can re-stain your teeth, causing them to turn yellow again.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Near Me

If you would like to have whiter teeth, schedule an appointment with us at Greater Baltimore Prosthodontics, P.A., for a consultation. We can discuss with you whether you are a good candidate for treatment and which Zoom Teeth Whitening option is best for your situation.

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